YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul on Saturday attended the Cleveland Browns vs New Orleans Saints Christmas eve game at the FirstEnergy Stadium. 


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Paul has recently signed a contract with the Browns, which are his hometown team. Details of the contract have not been disclosed yet. Sports 247 has referred to this contract as nothing but a “social media stunt”. However, the Browns have themselves referred to Paul in a Twitter post as “Our new junior associate content assistant”. Check out the post right here:

The YouTube star, who is also an unbeaten boxer, having recently defeated MMA legend Anderson Silva, had said about a month ago that he needed to teach the Ohio State Buckeyes, the NCAA state football team of Ohio.

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Paul had then tweeted, “Anyone know if I’m still eligible to be in college? Need to go show these Ohio boys how to play defense like an Ohioan”

Paul, who was born in Cleveland on January 17, 1997, grew up in Ohio’s West Lake.

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Some fans have not taken the Browns’ association with Paul well, with one even bringing up Deshaun Watson, the quarterback who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women: “First you give a rapist $250 million guaranteed now you’re featuring Jake Paul to mask the stench of your unsuccessful season? This poverty franchise is down tremendous”.

Another fan said to the Browns, “I know you guys need some positive engagement cause you suck but this ain’t it”.