Jao Felix missed a key chance against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final match at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday. He was trolled on social media for it, as Chelsea went into the half-time trailing by a goal.

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“I like Felix but you can see why Simeone didn’t take him seriously for a single second. His selfishness (on and off the ball) is bad enough on his best day, it has been debilitating today. You can’t play like this in such a big game, he needs to improve quick,” one user wrote.

“As much as the effort and body language from the players is unacceptable, they also look lost as to what to do when we have the ball, Joao Felix & Raheem Sterling are always a risk as they’ve never played up top together, midfield are too far apart from each other and there’s no…,” another one said.

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“What are Felix and Sterling doing in this game, literally bystanders, hope they come off at halftime. Horrendous,” said a ‘Depressed Chelsea Fan’, per the users’ bio on Twitter.

The West London club looked drab in the first half, as Real Madrid managed as many as eight shots on target, scoring one in the 21st-minute courtesy of Frenchman Karim Benzema.

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As pointed out by the Twitter user Statman Dave, “Karim Benzema has had 3 shots on target in the first half against Chelsea, that’s as many total shots as the whole Chelsea squad combined. Outgunned.”

Karim Benzema also achieved a personal milestone of scoring 20 goals against English opponents in the Champions League. Only Lionel Messi has more goals against English clubs than him at 27.