A man, who was seen in a viral video making bigoted, racist comments toward other customers at an East Bay In-N-Out restaurant in California, has been arrested.

San Ramon’s police chief announced Monday that the suspect has been identified as 40-year-old Jordan Douglas Krah. Krah is a Denver, Colorado, resident. He would be booked at Contra Costa County jail in Martinez on suspicion of a hate crime.

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The viral  TikTok video captured the exchange in which two diners trying different menu items were slammed by a man. In the video, someone is heard saying “You’re filming yourself eating? You’re weird homosexuals.”

The incident happened on the night of Christmas Eve. The video was posted the following day and received millions of views.

The pair continued to enjoy their meal and attempted to not interact with the man. However, the man appeared a few moments later and called himself a “slave master” and described one of the diner’s friend as “Filipino s—.”

The suspect then asked if they are Japanese or Korean. When one of them answers ‘Korean’, the suspect then says “that’s what I thought. You’re Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend huh.”

The man also told the two “see you outside in a minute,” in hopes of getting into a physical fight.

After the video went viral, San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson said on social media that police were seeking information about the suspect. They posted a photo of a man in a silver Mustang, with Florida plates.

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“Thank you to everyone who has helped by providing information associated with the racist and homophobic incidents over the past few days,” Carlson said Monday following the arrest. 

Details about the suspect and the incident are yet to be made public.