In a showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Miami Dolphins faced a concerning moment when wide receiver Jaylen Waddle went down on the field. Waddle is now back in the game and looking healthy.

The incident unfolded as Waddle was involved in a pivotal play, and in the aftermath, he was seen immediately clutching his leg in pain. The distressing scene prompted an immediate response from the medical team, with Waddle being ushered into the blue medical tent for a thorough evaluation by the training staff.

The Miami Dolphins took to social media to provide an official update. The team’s tweet confirmed that Jaylen Waddle had sustained a knee injury and was subsequently listed as questionable to return to the game. Though, Waddle has now made the return.

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The news cast a shadow over the Dolphins’ performance, as Waddle’s presence on the field is pivotal to their offensive strategy. Known for his blazing speed and playmaking abilities, he has been a dynamic asset for the team.

Kansas City Chiefs were leading by 7-0 in the first quarter at the time the injury happened.