President Joe Biden spoke to Damar Hamlin’s parents Wednesday after their son went into cardiac arrest on the field during Monday Night Football. While boarding his Air Force One in Kentucky, the president told the media about his conversation.

He also reacted to questions about whether football was just too dangerous amid the terrifying on-field incident.

“Look, the idea that you’re gonna have, look you’ve got guys that are 6’8″, 340 pounds running a 4.8 40 … If you hit somebody with that kinda … now that’s not what happened here … but I just think it’s, I don’t know how you avoid it,” Biden said.

“I think working on the helmets, the concussion protocols, that makes a lot of sense,” he added.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday confirmed that Biden had seen “the horrific news of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest.”

“We hope his condition and his health improves quickly,” Jean-Pierre said during Tuesday’s White House briefing. “And like the rest of the nation, our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, and his teammates.”

The Buffalo Bills tweeted Wednesday that Hamlin remains in critical condition with signs of improvement.

“Damar remains in the ICU in critical condition with signs of improvement noted yesterday and overnight,” the team tweeted. “He is expected to remain under intensive care as his health care team continues to monitor and treat him.”

Following the incident, the NFL launched an investigation to find every possible cause behind the cardiac arrest which resulted in the 24-year-old’s collapse mid-game against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to the NFL’s chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills. 

“I know there’s been a lot of theories and a lot of discussion about commotio cordis, and that certainly is possible,” Sills said Wednesday on a press call.

Hamlin is said to have suffered from commotio cordis, which occurs when severe trauma to the chest disrupts the heart’s electrical charge, leading to dangerous fibrillations. 

“You have to have the right type of blow hitting at the right spot on the chest with the right amount of force at just the right time in that cardiac cycle. So a lot of things have to line up for that to happen,” Sills said, according to CNN.