Jordan Peterson spoke to UK TV host Piers Morgan about helping Cristiano Ronaldo navigate a difficult moment in his life. In a video shared by Morgan, Peterson agreed that the footballer is in a “much better place” after talking to him when he and his partner Georgina Rodriguez lost a baby.   

Earlier, the Portuguese footballer had posted a picture with Peterson on Instagram in which he said, “Nice to see you my friend! #seeyousoon”. The post sent the internet into a frenzy with many bashing both Ronaldo for interacting with the conservative psychologist. 

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“It seemed to me, talking to him in the last couple of day after he saw you, he’s in a much better place,” Morgan said to Peterson. The psychologist replied saying, “That’s what happens when you hang out with reprobate like me.”

Watch it here:

Ronaldo returned to action against Spain on Wednesday in the UEFA Champions League. Portugal lost the match 1-0 after an 87th-minute goal by Ronaldo’s Juventus teammate Alvaro Morata. However, before the match, many in Portugal were calling for him to be dropped from the lineup.

In a poll conducted by Abola, a newspaper in Portugal, and published with the headline “Less Ronaldo, more Portugal”, 57% said that the 37-year-old should be dropped.   

Things have not gone well for Ronaldo since he joined Manchester United last season. Mayorga’s rape allegations against him resurfaced and continued to haunt him till June 2022 when a US court dismissed it for relying on stolen evidence.  

The season with Manchester United also did not go well even as Ronaldo showed moments of individual quality. The Red Devils did not qualify for the Champions League and finished in the seventh spot in Premier League. In the current season, he has lost his berth in the Manchester United starting eleven under Eric Ten Hag. 

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Earlier this month, the English FA charged Ronaldo with improper conduct after he smashed a phone off a young fan’s hand after United lost to Everton in April 2022. The footballer had apologised to the fan and even bought him a new phone, but the English FA still had enough ground to charge him.

With the 37-year-old’s 191st appearance for Portugal imminent tonight,