Justin Jefferson, the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, attempted a spike in the game against Green Bay Packers and ended up hitting the referee with his helmet. The NFL game was being played at the Lambeau Field stadium, the Packers’ home ground, on Sunday.

Jefferson, to say the least, did not have the best day in office as the quarterback failed to produce a single catch well into the third quarter of the game. They were 27-3 down to the Vikings with just 40 seconds left in the third quarter. If Packers win, they will stand a chance to make it to the playoffs with another win on week 18.

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Watch the moment here: 

The Vikings, on the other hand, are already in the playoffs having won the NFC North division. They are fighting to become the top seed from NFC, beating the Philadelphia Eagles to the credit. 

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Although the Vikings came off a bad season, with a good last few weeks, they have strengthened their chances of making it to the playoffs this year. CBS Sports reported that the pressure to win the game against the Vikings was so much, that with a loss, they will have a mere 2% chance of making it. It’s clearly now or never!

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In what would be interpreted as sure good news to the Vikings, their rivals for the top seed from NFC North, the Eagles, lost their week 17 game 20-10 against the New Orleans Saints. As they face the New York Giants in week 18, they will also be quite satisfied with a win for the Packers.