Football fans are preparing for the Sunday game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars despite the scorching September temperatures in Florida. The Chiefs are keen to mount a big comeback after last week’s dismal loss to the Detroit Lions.

This game has extra meaning for the Jaguars’ given their agonizing loss to the Chiefs in the Divisional stage of last season. They are motivated by a desire for atonement and resolved to turn things around this time.

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Both sides will need to be on their toes about the weather because rain could potentially change the course of the game in addition to the intense Florida heat.

There will be potential difficulties due to the weather on September 17 at EverBank Stadium. There is a sizable 80% probability of rain during the game, and it is predicted to be extremely hot with temperatures reaching approximately 90 degrees. Wind gusts of 5 to 10 mph may also affect kicking techniques.

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However, the likelihood of thunderstorms is the biggest worry. Thunderstorms are possible, but it looks like the game will start after any morning storms and before any afternoon ones. Therefore, during the game, both teams might have to deal with these weather circumstances.

The game is going to be big for the Kansas City Chiefs, as their star TE Travis Kelce is expected to return. Coach Andy Reid has guaranteed that Travis Kelce will play for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Jacksonville Jaguars, despite a knee issue that has limited his practice this week if everything goes right.

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Last week, Kelce’s absence was felt keenly, which made the Chiefs’ offense difficult and led to their tight 21-20 loss to the Lions. This time, the dynamics could change in favor of the Chiefs vs. the Jaguars because both Chris Jones and Kelce are in the mix.