As Lionel Messi makes his highly anticipated debut for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer (MLS), the DRV PNK Stadium witnesses an unprecedented gathering of A-list celebrities.

Alongside the likes of Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, and Serena Williams, football superstar Tom Brady and basketball sensation Tristan Thompson add to the star-studded affair, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

The debut of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami marks a historic moment for soccer in the United States, attracting attention from all corners of the entertainment world. The grand unveiling, aptly named “The Unveil,” has sparked a buzz akin to the arrival of David Beckham in Los Angeles, reinforcing MLS’s growing prominence.

Despite not starting the game, Messi’s presence on the bench amplifies the excitement among the roaring crowd. Within minutes, chants of “Messi” fill the stadium, signifying the incredible anticipation surrounding the moment when he finally takes to the pitch, adorned in the iconic No. 10 jersey of Inter Miami.


In addition to basketball legend LeBron James and tennis icon Serena Williams, two more stars shine bright in the crowd. Football superstar Tom Brady and basketball sensation Tristan Thompson grace the event, further elevating the star power and adding to the electric atmosphere.

 Becky G, the singer, delivered a rendition of the national anthem.

The coincidence of Messi’s MLS debut occurring 16 years after David Beckham’s introduction to the league adds a touch of nostalgia to the event. Beckham’s arrival in 2007 played a pivotal role in elevating the league’s profile, and Messi’s presence now signifies the continued growth and appeal of American soccer on the global stage.