In the highly anticipated Season 4 premiere of “The Kardashians,” tensions between sisters Kim and Kourtney reach a boiling point, setting the stage for a dramatic chapter.

Despite a previous attempt to bury the hatchet, their longstanding feud resurfaces during the filming process. The catalyst for this fresh wave of discord arises from the viewing of Season 3 edits. Kourtney accuses Kim of exploiting her wedding for business gains and emulating her creative vision. She tearfully asserts that she felt unsupported and claims that Kim prioritized financial gains over family bonds.

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Kim, however, remains unapologetically steadfast in her business decisions, asserting her autonomy. The familial dynamic further intensifies with the involvement of Khloé and Kris, contributing to the escalating tensions.

Kourtney reflects on the emotional toll of revisiting past conflicts through the editing process. A heated phone exchange with Kim prompts Kourtney to withdraw from a planned family trip, just days before departure. The momentous conversation is captured by Hulu’s cameras, leaving viewers shocked and dismayed by the unfolding drama.

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Following the episode’s airing, devoted Kardashian fans take to social media, condemning Kim’s behavior and expressing their profound disappointment. The exchange between the sisters initially begins on a civil note, but swiftly escalates into a heated confrontation. Kourtney maintains her composure, reiterating her unwavering support for Kim’s career endeavors.

As Kim acknowledges the challenge of revisiting past edits, Kourtney remains resolute. She highlights Kim’s rapid collaboration with designers after her own wedding, sparking further contention. Kim refutes any intent to copy, expressing her displeasure with Kourtney’s chosen theme. The clash culminates with Kim accusing Kourtney of craving attention.

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In a confessional, Kourtney shares her perception of Kim’s manipulation, using their relationships against her. Viewers express their dismay at Kim’s tactics, particularly her mention of Kourtney’s children. Many criticize Kim for involving the kids in their dispute, while some believe it to be a calculated move to cast Kourtney as the instigator. Ultimately, viewers empathize with Kourtney’s position and criticize Kim’s aggressive approach.