Joe Budden expressed his viewpoint and recommended that Drake get out with people his own age. He specifically questioned Drake’s lyrics from the album “For All the Dogs,” objecting to the inclusion of young people like Twitch streamer Kai Cenat in the song “First Person Shooter.”

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The seasoned podcaster made a joke about Drake’s age during his commentary on The Joe Budden Podcast, saying that the rapper is 36 years old and would shortly turn 37. Instead of concentrating on younger audiences and pursuing plaudits, Joe expressed a desire to hear Drake make music that appeals to a more mature audience. He admitted that Drake’s current aesthetic might not suit his personal tastes and that the musician is likely doing so in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Several X users reacted to the surfaced video. One user wrote, “Joe Budden is mad because Drake didn’t have a song about arthritis and gray hair”

“Damn Drake and Joe Budden beef is exactly what I needed today. The funny thing about this is that they’re both right. Drake needs to grow up and evolve, and Joe Budden did switch to being a commentator because his raps weren’t hitting 😂” another user wrote.

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One fan wrote, “If you are a Joe Budden podcast listener you are not a person who demands to hear sophisticated content or even content that takes effort Bffr 💀💀”

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Joe Budden became well-known in the music industry with the release of his 2003 smash single “Pump It Up” and his participation in the renowned hip-hop band Slaughterhouse.

He made the decision to leave the rap industry in 2018 and went on to become a successful broadcaster. He currently serves as the host of two important shows: “State of the Culture” on Revolt and “The Joe Budden Podcast,” which airs twice a week on Patreon and YouTube.