David Eason, husband to reality TV personality Jenelle Evans, faces child abuse charges following an investigation related to Jenelle’s 14-year-old son, Jace.

Who is David Eason?

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David Eason has lately made headlines owing to child abuse allegations stemming from his marriage to reality TV actress Jenelle Evans. Eason, who previously appeared on the reality show Teen Mom 2, has been under investigation for an incident involving Jenelle’s 14-year-old son, Jace.

The inquiry into these charges began when Jace fled the couple’s rural North Carolina home many times in recent months. When the runaway occurrences aroused worries about the child’s well-being, Child Protective Services launched an inquiry. David Eason has now been charged with misdemeanor child abuse in connection with these events, it has been revealed.

The specifics of this charge are currently being worked out. According to reports, the doorbell camera footage played a crucial part in proving Eason’s case. This video revealed an event involving Jace and Eason, which resulted in the child abuse charge.

It’s worth noting that, while David Eason is now facing charges, his wife, Jenelle Evans, has not been charged as of yet. However, future revelations could lead to her being implicated in this case.

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This is not the couple’s first brush with controversy. David Eason shot and killed the family’s dog in 2019 after it allegedly bit their little daughter. He was not charged in connection with that incident, which likewise received a lot of attention.

As more information about David Eason’s child abuse accusations become available, the legal ramifications for both him and Jenelle Evans may become clearer.