Bodycam footage of the arrest of ex-NFL player Marshawn Lynch has been released by the Las Vegas Metro police, two days after he was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence.

Lynch, who has retired from the NFL three times so far, was arrested by the police around 7:30 am on Tuesday after a traffic stop at Fairfield and West Utah avenues.

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According to the police who found him, the ex-NFL star was “asleep behind the wheel with the vehicle in an undrivable condition,” according to a report from 8newsnow. The car he was driving, a 2020 Shelby GT500 Coupe was unregistered and missing a wheel. 

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In the bodycam footage, Lynch tells the officers around the vehicle, “I’m not driving, the car’s not on. What is the problem?” Soon after, a police officer tells him that if he doesn’t get out of the car, he will be charged with obstructing an investigation, that is a criminal offence and that he will go to jail.

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Soon after, the police pull him out of the vehicle, put him on the ground and handcuff him, as one officer says, ” No more games today.” Officers said that Lynch smelled of alcohol. 

Following his arrest, Lynch’s bail has been set at $3,381, according to USA Today, citing prison records. The ex-NFL star has been cited for failure to refuse/surrender, a failure to drive in a travel lane and driving an unregistered vehicle.

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This is not the first time Lynch has had trouble with the law. In 2008, he admitted to a hit and run charge and had his license revoked. In 2012, he was arrested for driving while under the influence, just hours before he was scheduled to host a youth football camp. As a result, he received two years of probation and a #1,033 fine and was made to attend drivers’ safety classes..