Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with breast and throat cancer, 13 years after radiation treatment allowed her to fully recover from breast cancer. 

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An enlarged lymph node on the 18-time Grand Slam champion’s neck was discovered in November, according to the British newspaper The Times. During the tests to investigate this, a suspicious mass in her breast was discovered, which was later determined to be cancer.

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Martina Navratilova net worth

Navratilova earned approximately $20 million from all of the tournaments she competed in. She also made millions of dollars from endorsements. According to Essentially Sports, her net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

Martina Navratilova age

Martina Navratilova, who is widely regarded as one of the best tennis players of all time, was born on October 18, 1956, in Prague, Czech Republic. She is now 66 years old.

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Martina Navratilova career

Despite beginning to play at the age of 15, Navratilova did not become a professional until 1975. She has since become one of the best female players on the tour.

In 1975, Navratilova and American great Chris Evert won the doubles competition at the French Open, giving her her first Grand Slam victory. Navratilova finished her career with 18 Grand Slam singles victories, 31 doubles triumphs, and 10 mixed doubles triumphs. No one can match the former Czech American player’s record for numbers on the circuit. The most in tennis history, she amassed 167 singles trophies and 177 doubles titles throughout the course of her career. She also set a record on the tour by winning 2189 games with an 85.89 percent win rate.

Martina Navratilova relationship

Navratilova gave an interview to New York Daily News sports reporter Steve Goldstein in 1981, shortly after becoming a US citizen, revealing that she was bisexual and had a sexual relationship with Rita Mae Brown, but she asked him not to publish the article until she was ready to come out publicly.

The New York Daily News, on the other hand, published the article on July 30, 1981. Navratilova and her friend and roommate at the time, Nancy Lieberman, spoke with Dallas Morning News columnist Skip Bayless, in which Navratilova reiterated her bisexuality and Lieberman identified herself as straight. Navratilova has since reidentified as a lesbian.

Navratilova had a long-term relationship with Judy Nelson, whom she met at a tournament in Fort Worth in 1982, from 1984 to 1991. Nelson was married with two children at the time. Their divorce in 1991 resulted in a palimony lawsuit that was settled out of court.

Navratilova proposed to her long-term girlfriend Julia Lemigova, a former Miss USSR, at the US Open on September 6, 2014. On December 15, 2014, they married in New York.