Jared Greenberg and Steve Smith will debut a show called NBA CrunchTime on the NBA App on Monday night at 8:30 pm ET, when the early games are entering the fourth quarter.

For years, NBA fans have wished for a channel similar to NFL RedZone, the popular channel that transports viewers from game to game, allowing them to stay up to date on all of the action taking place across the country and across many stations.

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The issue is that there are some obvious differences in how football and basketball operate and the pace of games that necessitate some adjustments, because in basketball, every possession is a scoring opportunity, and there would be no way to see every bucket of every game the way RedZone promises every touchdown (and field goal) from every NFL game on Sundays.

When things get tight late on a multi-game night, there is a market for a channel that bounces back and forth between games that are close late, and potentially even placing a couple games on the same screen. 

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It’ll be fascinating to watch how this plays out, but there’s a good chance that this could grow into something lot bigger for the NBA, especially on Mondays and Wednesdays when there aren’t as many games.