As the Pittsburg Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday at the M&T Bank Stadium, they will have an eye on the playoffs. Ravens will start the game sitting second in the AFC North division, while the Steelers are just below them at third. Apart from a win on week 17 and 18, the Steelers need a few other things to go in their favor to clinch a playoff place in wild cards.

The Cincinnati Bengals are currently sitting on top of the AFC North with a place in playoffs already in their bag. If the Ravens win today, they will match the Bengals’ 10 wins but will be still in second having lost five games to the Bengals’ four.

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On the other hand, if the Steelers win, they will have to wait for Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets to produce results for them. 

Of course, they will also have to secure a win in their week 18 game against the Cleveland Brown on Sunday, January 8, as well. 

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The Bills will be facing the New England Patriots on week 18, and the Jets will face the Miami Dolphins.

Half the task will be completed if the Bengals beat Dolphins when they face off on Monday night in week 17.

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If not, they will need both the Patriots and the Dolphins to lose in week 18, that way the Steelers will be 9-8, and will have a wild card entry in the playoffs guaranteed.

Before the Steelers turn their eyes to other teams to win in their favor, they will first have to take care of their own games.

However, if they lose today to the Ravens, the chances of playoffs will be done and even before week 18 games start.