The NFL RedZone studios evacuated after an alarm went off. Several NFL fans and social media users raised concerns about the situation, as the siren was telecasted in the background of an ongoing match between the Bills and the Eagles.

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As of now, the reason for the alert has not been disclosed by the studio and crew. After the incident went viral on social media, people in huge numbers reacted to it shared their responses, and made memes about the situation.

A loud siren could be heard in the background of the broadcast during an update on the Eagles vs. Bills game. With a groundbreaking statement, host Scott Hanson said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first in my twenty-something NFL career.” In the NFL Red Zone studios in Inglewood, we have an alarm set to go off. We are informed that we must evacuate, but we are unsure of the exact nature of the situation.”

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The NFL RedZone studios evacuated after an alarm went off. Maintaining his composure, Scott Hanson concluded the broadcast with the poise of an experienced pro.

Hanson returned to the studio after the evacuation, the alarm ringing continuously in the background. “We’re back with you in the NFL RedZone studios,” he reassured the audience. The alarm in our Inglewood facility keeps going off. I’ve been informed that my current position is safe.” RedZone carried on with its regular broadcast, highlighting every noteworthy play and touchdown from across the league during the current NFL season, in spite of the unusual circumstances.

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One X user wrote, “Alarms go off even in the red zone studio. I know, some of you are shocked.”

“We found out today that if the RedZone studios ever caught fire, they would be playing the games till the fire took them out. The dedication.” another user wrote.

One user wrote, “NFL red zone crew: “Yoo Scott,fire alarm is going off… think we should go evacuate?”Scott Hanson:”