Brazil’s football legend Pelé, who is often regarded as the best soccer player of all time, is receiving palliative care after chemotherapy for the footballer’s colon cancer stopped bearing the expected results. Pelé was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday to reevaluate his cancer treatment. He was later diagnosed with a respiratory infection, medical reports say. 

Pelé took to his Instagram to reveal that he has been admitted to hospital while thanking his fans for all the positive messages he had received. 

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Here’s a look at the football legends’ net worth, age, career, and family:


Celebrity Net Worth estimates Pelé’s net worth to be a staggering $100 million in 2022.


Pelé was born on October 23, 1940, which makes him 82 years old as of 2022. 


Regarded as “footballer of the Millenium” by International Olympic Committee, Pelé’s illustrious career has been an inspiration for many. He made his debut in football at just 15 years of age, when he played for the Brazilian club Santos. His performance impressed millions, and Brazil’s National team contacted him as a result, asking him to represent the nation when he was just 16 years old. Pelé soon secured the spot of the top scorer for the Brazilian National team and Santos FC. 

Being the only footballer to win FIFA World Tournament thrice, with his national team in 1958,1962, and 1970, he decided to retire in 1977, after playing for two decades. His last match was a friendly one against Cosmos at the MetLife stadium in New York.


Pelé has been married thrice, with numerous relationships in the past. His relationships have always been a center of attraction in media. In 1966, he married Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi and the couple had two daughters named Kelly and Jennifer, and a son Edinho. They later called off their marriage in 1982. 

Pelé allegedly began dating TV presenter Xuxa. 

In April 1994, Pelé married psychologist and gospel singer Assíria Lemos Seixas. The couple gave birth on 28 September 1996 to twins Joshua and Celeste through fertility treatments. They divorced in 2008. 

Pelé married for the third time in 2016 to Marcia Aoki, a Japanese-Brazilian importer of medical equipment from Penápolis, São Paulo, whom he had started dating in 2010. 

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Pelé had at least two more children from previous affairs. He had an affair with Anizia Machado, which resulted in the birth of a daughter, Sandra Machado. She fought for years to be acknowledges as his daughter by Pelé, but it never happened. 

Pelé had Flávia Kurtz in an extramarital affair in 1968 with journalist Lenita Kurtz, whom he recognized as his daughter.