As the Seattle Seahawks prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving at Lumen Field, the weather forecast is in focus.

In anticipation of the Thanksgiving clash between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers at Lumen Field, attention is turning to the weather forecast and its potential impact on the game. According to the latest report, the conditions are expected to be 45°F with “Partially cloudy” skies, presenting a 24% chance of rain. The wind is forecasted to blow from NNE at 5.8 mph.

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Despite the chance of rain, the overall impact on the game is deemed minimal. Offensive and defensive aspects, as well as temperature and wind, are all categorized as having either no impact or a light impact on gameplay. With the game scheduled for Thursday at 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC, fans can expect the teams to contend with relatively normal weather conditions.

Both teams enter the matchup with distinctive Week 11 outcomes. The San Francisco 49ers, currently standing at 7-3, secured victories against Florida teams in their last two games, with quarterback Brock Purdy delivering standout performances. The Seahawks, at 6-4, faced a narrow 17-16 defeat against the Los Angeles Rams but showed resilience in covering as 1.5-point underdogs.

As the NFC West rivals meet on Thanksgiving, the weather forecast indicates a potential for a rain-affected game. However, given the moderate chance of rain and the characteristics of Lumen Field, the impact is anticipated to be minimal. The 49ers, favored at -6.5 points, will aim to capitalize on their recent success, while the Seahawks look to rebound from their close defeat and secure a divisional win.

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Fans eagerly anticipating the Thanksgiving showdown can rest assured that, despite the chance of rain, the game at Lumen Field is poised to unfold under conditions that are unlikely to significantly disrupt the gameplay.