Ex-NFL player Sergio Brown was seen partying in Tulum club on Sunday as an ongoing police investigation continues into the death of his mother, 73-year-old Myrtle Brown.

Brown was seen wearing red Nike swim trunks as he was seen grooving on the dance floor shirtless. He was joined by patrons at the club in Mexico. One witness told TMZ Sports that the former Indianapolis Colts defensive back was at the club for hours. Before he left, he was seen chatting and buying alcohol for people.

Meanwhile, following the death of his mother, who was found dead near a creek on September 16, police in Maywood, Illinois, have been searching for the ex-athlete. Just hours before Myrtle’s body was discovered, both she and Sergio were reported missing.

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Myrtle’s death was ruled a homicide. It was discovered that she sustained injuries in an assault. The authorities are yet to release information regarding potential suspects.

35-year-old Sergio reportedly left Illinois and traveled to Mexico. He was later seen in a video posted on an Instagram account apparently belonging to the ex-football player in Mexico ranting about “fake news.” It’s unclear where the police have progressed in their investigation into Myrtle’s death. There have been no recent updates.

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In the video, he said that he thought his mother was on vacation and that he had been kidnapped by the FBI and the Maywood Police Department. Before he accused the Maywood Police Department and the FBI of kidnapping him twice from his home, he made several claims of “fake news.”

“They kidnapped me twice from home. The Maywood Police Department,” he said before his words became unintelligible. “It had to be the FBI or the Maywood police. I thought my f–kin’ momma was on vacation.”