Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless was trolled on X, formerly known as Twitter, after clips of him hardly being able to get a word in on the show, amid three new additions as co-hosts, went viral on social media.

Bayless began the new “Undisputed’ show by introducing his new co-hosts. Here is a video of the introduction:

However, an increasing number of viewers observed during the show that Bayless was not getting many chances to speak during the show, which is why some of them began trolling him online.

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“Skip’s new partners won’t let him speak,” one user tweeted, while another one wrote, “Skip Bayless getting no chance to speak on his own show is a ‘I pray for times like this’ moment on Undisputed w/ Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin, & Keyshawn Johnson.” A third user said, “They done turned Skip into moderator on his own show.”

Another commented, “Skip Bayless after not being able to get a word in on the new look Undisputed.” One more said, “*Keyshawn Johnson, Richard Sherman and Michael Irvin talking over one another on Undisputed* Skip Bayless: “

Keyshawn Johnson was the last host to reach an agreement to join Bayless’ on FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ after a settlement of his $18 million contract with ESPN, New York Post reported.

Earlier in the week, Bayless announced Johnson would be part of the show’s new team that includes contributors Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin and Rachel Nichols. At the time, ESPN had not agreed to release Johnson from his contract, so Bayless’ pronouncement was premature.

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Long, arduous negotiations followed, after which ESPN settled with Johnson, even though the former wide receiver was let go by ESPN in late June as part of their layoffs. The network still wielded full control over his on-air rights as part of a five-year, $18 million contract that he signed just a year ago.

Johnson will be raking in the same amount of money and will retain his audio rights, between the buyout with ESPN and the new deal with FS1. This means he could still do radio or a podcast elsewhere, according to sources.