Steve Aoki, the renowned DJ and music maestro, made headlines during the Thanksgiving Day game halftime show between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, not for his beats, but for a sweet and unexpected stunt involving the Seahawks mascot.

Before the cake-tossing spectacle took center stage, Aoki’s halftime performance had already stirred controversy. Fans had expressed frustration and disappointment on social media as NBC aired only a brief snippet of his set, lasting a mere 30 seconds, leaving audiences wanting more.

Amidst the outcry over the curtailed halftime show, reports surfaced that Steve Aoki had a surprise in store that viewers missed out on—throwing a cake at the Seahawks mascot. The unseen moment added a layer of intrigue to the overall narrative, turning the spotlight from the brevity of the performance to the untelevised antics.

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As news of the cake-tossing spread, social media platforms buzzed with excitement and curiosity. Fans who may have missed the actual halftime performance were now eager to catch a glimpse of Aoki’s unexpected and playful interaction with the Seahawks mascot.

Known for his electrifying stage presence and signature moves, including tossing cakes into the crowd during live performances, Aoki’s decision to bring this tradition to the football field added an unexpected twist to the Thanksgiving Day entertainment.

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Despite the brevity of the aired halftime set, the cake-tossing incident ensured that Steve Aoki’s presence lingered in the minds of viewers. The playful and unconventional move added a dash of sweetness to an otherwise brief appearance, creating a memorable moment that fans could savor, even if only through the lens of social media.