The Buffalo Bills’ defense has faced a barrage of injuries throughout the year, with safety Taylor Rapp becoming the latest victim in a harrowing incident.

During the late stages of the second quarter in the matchup against the New York Jets on Sunday, Rapp faced a frightening situation that resulted in him being transported off the field in an ambulance.

The incident unfolded as New York’s running back, Breece Hall, made a short catch and advanced 15 yards, colliding with both Rapp and Bills cornerback Taron Johnson in the process.

The aftermath of the collision left Rapp and Johnson on the field, both requiring attention. While Johnson managed to rise to his feet and make his way to the locker room accompanied by athletic trainers, Rapp remained down, prompting immediate concern.

The circumstances surrounding Rapp’s injury, described as one of the most alarming of the season, heightened the already challenging situation for the Buffalo Bills’ defense, which has grappled with a series of setbacks due to injuries throughout the season.

As the team and fans anxiously await updates on Taylor Rapp’s condition, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the physical toll and uncertainties that athletes face on the field, highlighting the need for comprehensive player safety measures in professional sports.