Tom Brady’s business account announced that the star quarterback will retire after 22 seasons. But TB12sports deleted its tweet, and Brady’s agent, Don Yee, said the 44-year-old quarterback would be the only person to accurately express his future.

Despite reports that he is retiring, Brady has told the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he hasn’t made up his mind, two people familiar with the details told The Associated Press.

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Does Brady own a clothing line?

Yes. The Tampa Bay QB owns an apparel brand called BRADY. The brand features an athletic line with T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and more items.

 “I’m proud to bring this to all you guys looking to perform across all of your daily active lives,” Brady at the time of the launch, said in a video post on his Twitter account. 

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“The intention was to create a brand and collection that was worn for all the different activities that we do. That could be golfing, playing with your kids, taking your dogs for a walk, going on a date with your wife,” Brady, the man, tells you about BRADY, the brand. “There are functional performance products tailored really well that people can wear in every aspect of their life,” the 44-year-old told Men’s Health. 

Tom Brady led the NFL 2021-22 season in yards passing (5,316), touchdowns (43), completions (485) and attempts (719). His team is out of the Super Bowl race after their loss to the Los Angeles Rams last week. 

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Brady won six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots in 20 seasons playing for coach Bill Belichick. He joined the Buccaneers in 2020 and led them to the second Super Bowl title in franchise history.

Brady would leave the sport as the career leader in yards passing (84,520) and TDs (624). He’s the only player to win more than five Super Bowls and was MVP of the game five times.