Travis Kelce called Taylor Swift ‘pretty ballsy’ for turning up at his NFL game and added that he will never be able to forget that game.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end sat down for an interview on ‘New Heights,’ the podcast he shares with his brother Jason Kelce to talk about his alleged romance with the pop star, a topic that has been creating waves in the media for weeks now.

“We’ve been avoiding this subject out of respect for your personal life,” Jason, 35, said in the teaser for the episode, which releases Wednesday. “Now, we’ve gotta talk about it.”

“Yeah, my personal life that’s not so personal,” Travis added, laughing. “I did this to myself, Jason. I know this.”

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The Philadelphia Eagles center then asked his younger brother, “Well Trav, how’s it feel that Taylor Swift has finally put you on the map?” which made Travis burst into laughter.

Travis said he would give kudos to Taylor for being “pretty ballsy” by showing up at his NFL game and making it a night he will remember forever. She also hung out with his friends and family in his personal suite, after which everyone had nothing but great things to say about her. “She looked amazing. Everyone was talking about her in great light and on top of that, the day went perfect for Chiefs fans,” alluding to his team’s win against the Chicago Bears.

He said that the moments that stuck out most in his mind were Swift giving chest bumps and high-fives to his mother. He also mentioned that he was wearing Swift’s friendship bracelet, claiming he wanted to “respect both our lives.”

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He also made fun of the fact that Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has been telling people that he was backstage playing cupid between Kelce and Swift the whole time. “Who knew cupid was so big,” Travis said, making Jason chuckle.

Travis also mentioned that after Swift came into his life, He has been seeing a lot more paparazzi with British accents outside his home, trying to catch a glimpse of him. Travis, however, refrained from confirming if he was actually dating Swift.