The Tuohy family has responded to charges made by former Ole Miss and NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher that they duped him for their own financial benefit.

In the recent update on the case, the Tuohy family attorney claimed that Michael Oher reportedly asked Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy for $15 million before submitting a petition to end the family’s conservatorship over him, as reported by TMZ.

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Michael Oher, a former offensive lineman in the NFL who rose to celebrity as a result of the book and film “The Blind Side,” filed a petition in a Tennessee court on Monday. Oher claims in the petition that the Tuohy family tricked him into being their conservator and that they falsely claimed to have adopted him. He claims that the family then took advantage of this set-up to profit from the success of his story once it was turned into a book and movie over ten years ago.

The Tuohy family’s attorney Marty Singer, who is defending them, has refuted Oher’s claims. Singer claims that Oher had previously threatened the family and demanded significant money in the eight-figure range. Singer claims that Oher threatened to broadcast false information about the family in the media if they didn’t comply.

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The Tuohy family did not trick him into agreeing to enter the conservatorship when he reached 18, according to Singer, who vehemently refuted Oher’s allegations.

Contrary to the claims, Singer explained in his statement that the conservatorship was actually established to meet Oher’s needs, including assisting with his university entrance process and obtaining health insurance and a driver’s license. Singer highlighted that the Tuohys would fully back Oher’s choice to end the conservatorship at any time and would have no problems.

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Over the course of nine NFL seasons following the release of The Blind Side, Michael Oher made $34.5 million in total. Singer also denied Oher’s claim that the Tuohy family used the conservatorship to hold back millions in movie revenues.