Former central defense for PSG Sergio Ramos distinguished himself as a spectator at the battle between Ilia Topuria and Josh Emmett.

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Topuria defeated Josh Emmett and moved up to the top five in the UFC featherweight rankings as a result. Ramos, a native of Seville, was present at the Florida tournament to cheer the 26-year-old combatant. 

Ramos’ popularity is expected to bring in large crowds to the UFC Jacksonville event, especially from Spain. His participation is likely to raise interest in and support for the UFC as a result of his widespread fame, possibly attracting a fresh group of fans to the thrilling sport of mixed martial arts.

Following the fight, a video displaying Sergio Ramos and Ilia Topuria embracing and joking on social media started to become viral. 

The video showcased the friendship and connection between the two, further establishing their relationship outside of their specialized sports.

Several fans reacted to the video, while many took a satirical jibe at the footballer. One user tweeted, “Would love to see Sergio Ramos in an MMA fight, put that mean streak to good use lol”

Another UFC fan tweeted, “Love seeing the support and camaraderie between athletes, especially after a huge victory! Congrats to @TopuriaIlia and big ups to @SergioRamos for being a true teammate.  🔥👏”

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“Ramos has such a huge fan base it’s soo good for ilia as he’ll get some much needed boost 👊”, one user wrote.

Ramos’ presence at the fight can Indeed, help Topuria gain some fans due to the footballer’s substantial global fan following.

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Recently, Paris Saint-Germain has officially confirmed that Spanish defender Sergio Ramos is leaving the club. The 37-year-old left Real Madrid after 16 years of service and signed with Parc des Princes on a free transfer before the 2021–2022 season.