Chicago Bears’ defensive coordinator Alan Williams is still not back with the team after being absent since last Thursday due to personal reasons. There is no update on when he may return and when head coach Matt Eberflus was asked about when Williams is expected to return to the team, he did not have a straight answer.

Not just that, the Bears have refused to confirm whether or not Williams is still the team’s defensive coordinator. “I don’t have any update right now,” head coach Matt Eberflus said when asked about Williams’ job status. He even refused to confirm whether or not he’s spoken to Williams.

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In addition to performing his usual duties as head coach, last Sunday, Eberflus took over as the defensive play-caller. Eberflus said he’s also continuing to equally split his time between the offense and defense as the defense is currently operating with no defensive coordinator. He is leaning on veteran position coaches like cornerbacks coach Joke Hoke, safeties coach Andre Curtis, and linebackers coach Dave Borgonzi to shoulder more responsibilities in the absence of Williams.

“I think with the experience that we have on defense, I don’t think that’s an issue,” Eberflus said.

If Williams does not return to the team before this Sunday’s game, Eberflus will call the defense again.

What happened to Alan Williams?

Since Eberflus declined to comment on the situation, Windy City Gridiron’s Deputy Chief Editor, Bill Zimmerman tweeted: “The story I’m hearing around Alan Williams, if true, is shocking. I would not expect him to ever return to the Chicago Bears. It has nothing to do with his coaching performance.”

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No other details were provided by him in this context. It did seem like whatever Williams had gotten himself into was an off-the-field issue, which might lead to his abrupt exit from the Bears. It could be a domestic issue or the fact that Williams has found himself in trouble with the law.

According to Chicago Sports News, Williams had the worst defense last season in the NFL