The England national football team will face Wales in the Group B match
of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Tuesday, November 29.

Harry Kane, the captain of the England team had to back down from his
bid to wear a One Love armband following Qatar’s intervention. A Nepali migrant
worker by the name of Anish Adhikari is now requesting Kane to ‘stand up’ for deceived
laborers in today’s match.

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Who is Anish Adhikari?

Anish Adhikari is a migrant worker who resided in Qatar for around three years. He is
originally from Khotang district, a remote hilly area in East Nepal.

In 2018, at the age of 21, he migrated to
Qatar for the first time in hopes of earning a living for his 14 family members
who were unable to find work in Nepal. Once there, he was not assigned his promised work and
was not paid his wages, ultimately forcing him to return back to his village.

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year later, he was visited by another recruiter who promised him paid work inside
the new World Cup stadium if he returned to Qatar. In an attempt to meet his
growing expenses, and feed his family, he made the difficult decision to
take the chance and move back to Qatar.

He was forced to pay a recruitment fee for the second time, which covered
his flights and the fees from the agency. His aim was to work and earn enough
to pay off the loan and send money home to his family. However, upon his
arrival in Qatar, he realized he had been ‘deceived’. The job he was promised was unavailable, and he was forced to work long hours
outdoors loading and unloading heavy building materials from vehicles, for a meager

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Adhikari returned back to his home country a year ago, and during his
conversation with, he said, “I am a big football fan myself and at
first, I was always hopeful I could make money and that’s why I decided to
migrate but whatever hope I had was not fulfilled because when I arrived in
Qatar I was not paid the salary I was promised. I felt very bad. Even if I
wanted to come back home the company would not allow me to.”

In the Group B England vs Wales match in the 2022 FIFA World
Cup, he urged England’s captain Harry Kane to stand up for those deceived
workers in Qatar who helped build the Lusail World Cup Stadium in Qatar but were not given
their deserved wages.

Adhikari is just one of
the thousands of migrant laborers who were not given proper pay. Thousands of other
migrant laborers are still waiting for their payments and thousands are even estimated
to have died due to overheating working conditions.