The exhilarating performance of Demi Vollering at the Tour de France Femmes has left fans in awe of her cycling prowess. However, amidst her triumphs, curiosity surrounding her personal life has surfaced, particularly regarding her partner, Jan de Voogd.

As Vollering clinched the yellow jersey and captured hearts worldwide, the spotlight also fell on the man standing by her side, who has played a pivotal role in supporting her cycling dream.

Who is Jan de Voogd?

Jan de Voogd is the partner of Demi Vollering, a professional cyclist from the Netherlands. While not as prominent in the public eye as Vollering, Jan de Voogd has a diverse professional background. His LinkedIn profile suggests that he has experience in various roles, including leadership, digital transformation in healthcare, and athlete support.

He has worked as the Geschäftsführer (Managing Director) of bold GmbH and is currently involved in Athlete Support, where he takes care of the business side for professional athletes in different sports. Jan de Voogd has also held positions at University Hospital Basel.

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Jan de Voogd and Demi Vollering are engaged. In an Instagram post dated July 22, 2022 by Jan de Voogd and Demi Vollering, they seem to be exchanging rings.

The post is captioned as “Not sure where I would be today without you.. but one thing I know for sure, you make me a better person and I wouldn’t be here today without you, you’re my crazy love of my life!

I said yes! 06-05-2022 💍”

Vollering’s life

Growing up in Pijnacker, Vollering learned the value of hard work from her parents, who owned a horticultural business. With a strong work ethic instilled at an early age, she excelled in her studies and pursued a career in flower design. While her passion for cycling was always present, she juggled her time between arranging flowers and pursuing her love for sports.

In 2017-2018, a shift occurred in Vollering’s life when she experienced a challenging season in skating. As she shifted her focus to cycling, she discovered her innate talent for the sport. Supported by her boyfriend, Jan de Voogd, and guided by seasoned mentors and coaches, Vollering’s cycling career skyrocketed. From training camps to racing in the Ardennes, her dedication and strategic approach bore fruitful results.

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While her partner, Jan de Voogd, has been an essential source of encouragement, the guidance of mentors and the camaraderie within Team SD Worx have propelled her to success.