John Madden was closely associated with the holiday he loved, dishing out victory turkey legs to the top players and for years serving as the voice of the NFL’s greatest Thanksgiving Day games.

The NFL is making it a lasting ode by starting the “John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration” on the first Thanksgiving after the late commentator passed away in December.

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“No one cared more or contributed more to our game than John Madden,” a statement from commissioner Roger Goodell read. “Honoring his memory and impact on the NFL is important and Thanksgiving Day brings all of the elements significant to John to life – family, football, food and fun.”

Beginning on November 24, all three of CBS, Fox, and NBC’s broadcasts will feature special Madden-themed segments as part of the league’s annual Thanksgiving homage.

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Artist Gabe Gault made a mural for Madden in the Metaverse.

Who is Gabe Gault?

Gabe Gault is an American artist whose work usually challenges general assumptions. Gault defies convention by blending traditional painting methods with contemporary mediums, refusing to let himself or his work be readily categorised.

Gault investigates his identity as a Black American, re-appropriating, dismantling, and repurposing Colonial influences in order to “celebrate Culture,” according to his bio on his website. He does this by channelling Renaissance portraiture and still-lifes.

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At the heart of Gault’s artistic vision is the synthesis of traditional images signifying richness and riches and contemporary concern with innovation and forward motion. Since there is no such thing as just one item, Gault’s work aims to refute our preconceived notions about labels and narrow definitions.