Larry Bevans, a Seattle Seahawks supporter, was named the fan of the year at NFL Honors 2023.

“Larry Bevans is a devoted Seahawks fan who travels across the country and internationally for games. He is a devoted foster parent and has a passion for serving his community,” NFL Network said on Twitter.

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Who is Larry Bevans?

Outside linebacker Boye Mafe informed Bevans last month during a visit to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center that he will also be honored the 2022 NFL Fan of the Year at NFL Honors. Those who exhibit passion in the bleachers and in their communities are recognized with the NFL Fan of the Year award. Bevans is now only the third fan overall and the first Seahawks supporter to be selected NFL Fan of the Year.

The Seahawks gave a tour of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to Bevans, his wife Deanna, daughter Ashley, and buddy Nate Thomas to cap out the month of January. When the party encountered team president Chuck Arnold, he surprised the Bevans family with a game ball from the team’s NFC Wild Card game against the San Francisco 49ers, elevating what initially appeared to be a casual tour of the team’s facilities.

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It was during this visit that Mafe surprised Bevans and informed him that he has been chosen the fan of the year.

Bevans grinned as he shook hands with front office workers, shot hoops in the team’s meeting room, and looked around the locker room while wearing his personalized No. 22 “FAN OF THE YEAR” Seahawks jersey. He proudly displayed his multiple Seahawks tattoos on his arms and legs as he posed for photos with Mafe and team members.