Michigan State University has officially notified head football coach Mel Tucker, through a letter delivered on Monday, of their “intent to terminate” his contract for cause. This decision is based on what the university perceives as “a body of undisputed evidence of misconduct that warrants termination.”

The letter, comprising five pages, was sent by athletic director Alan Haller and outlines what the university views as “unprofessional and unethical behavior.”

Tucker had previously been suspended without pay following the emergence of sexual harassment allegations in media reports over the past weekend. The university had engaged an independent investigator to look into these allegations since January, and Tucker’s suspension occurred after the specific allegations surfaced in media coverage.

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Brenda Tracy, a prominent advocate for sexual assault awareness, had filed a sexual misconduct complaint against Tucker in December 2022. Tracy alleges that Tucker made unwelcome advances after she was hired to address the Spartans football team on topics related to sexual misconduct and her own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault. She further claimed that Tucker engaged in non-consensual sexual conduct during a phone call in April 2022. Tucker has admitted to the act but contended in a statement last week that it occurred within the context of a consensual intimate relationship.

Who is Mel Tucker’s wife Jo-Ellyn Tucker?

Mel Tucker and his wife, Jo-Ellyn, crossed paths through a fortuitous blind date. Back then, Jo-Ellyn was a law student at Rutgers University, and their introduction came courtesy of a mutual classmate who knew Tucker from his time at the University of Wisconsin.

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Before their first face-to-face meeting, Tucker had the opportunity to converse with JoEllyn, and he was immediately taken with her. Reports suggest that Tucker was enchanted by JoEllyn’s intellect and beauty. He found her honesty and straightforwardness quite appealing.

Their connection deepened over time, leading to Tucker’s eventual proposal to Jo-Ellyn, an offer she gladly accepted. From that moment on, their love story began to unfold. Together, Mel Tucker and Jo-Ellyn have built a beautiful life, and they are the proud parents of two sons, Joseph and Christian.