Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest while practising basketball but is now out of danger. 2024 NBA prospect, Bronny James has been currently a popular teenage figure in the basketball industry.

Who is Peyton Gelfuso?

Bronny James, the well-known NBA player’s son, is presently dating Peyton Gelfuso from his high school. Bronny and Gelfuso are both 2023 Sierra Canyon School grads.

Peyton Gelfuso is a travel enthusiast who frequently updates her Instagram with photos and videos. She is an Instagram model with over 46.3K followers as well as a social media content developer. Peyton played football, beach volleyball and tennis in Sierra Canyon while Bronny played basketball.

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Peyton Gelfuso was born to David and Heidi Gelfuso and is reported to be the youngest of their two children. The Sierra Canyon graduate has an older brother named Parker. The two were born and raised in the city of Los Angeles.

When the two of them went to their prom together in 2023, the talk of their connection was brought up. Their relationship became immediately clear to the public after a few of their social media posts went viral. Bronny looked dapper in a black tuxedo, while Peyton, his companion, donned a stunning white feather dress. She looked excellent next to Bronny and carried the garment with ease.

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However, not many people were happy with the news. Bronny has received harsh criticism on Twitter for going on a date with a white girl who is not of his race, along with racial slurs. The 18-year-old received a lot of criticism and hostile remarks from the public. However, a number of people, like NFL quarterback Robert Gryphon III, came to his defence. The disturbance quickly subsided, and no further news was reported.