Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Russell Gage went down with a major injury in their playoff match against the Dallas Cowboys. Video replay shows that he most likely tripped while running. Cage was carted off the field soon after.

Who is Russell Gage?

Russell Gage, the Buccaneers’ WR, began playing football with his school, the Redemptorist High School’s football team.

Gage began his college playing career at Louisiana State University as a cornerback, one of the team’s most well-stocked positions at the time. Gage was asked to play receiver on the scout team as the Tigers prepared for the Texas Bowl in 2015.

He was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2018 NFL Draft. 

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“It was a big moment,” Gage later said about the time he received the phone call regarding his selection. He further added, “My mom was really scrambling trying to get things straight for the draft to watch it. It was a big deal. My mom didn’t want to have it at anyone else’s house. She felt that it was a special moment and wanted to do it at our house.”

2022 was Gage’s first season with the Bucs. He has 244 receptions in the NFL so far, along with running for 2,491 receiving yards.

Fiancee Kentrea George

Russell Gage and Kentrea George are romantically involved. They have been engaged for about two years and have been dating. The couple are scheduled o tie the knot on June 23, 2023, in Alexandria, Los Angeles.

All you need to know about the WR’s family:

Russell Gage was born on January 22, 1996 to Russell Gage Sr. and Alisa Gage. His grandmother’s name is Elisa Ray. The footballer has a younger daughter called Relisa.

Gage had witnessed his fair share of natural disasters strike the state of Louisiana while growing up in Baton Rouge.

But none of them had ever reached Baker, his hometown. Until a devastating flood struck east Baton Rouge in August of 2016.

He thought about what had happened that day and stated, “I got to try and help my folks and get them out.”

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Gage didn’t even consider going for football practise at that time. He instructed Devin Voorhies, a teammate and roommate, to inform Les Miles, the former Tigers coach, that Gage wouldn’t be attending practise.

The two LSU football players got in Voorhies’ car and travelled 30 minutes to Gage’s hometown because Voorhies wasn’t going to allow Gage to travel alone to save his family.