Ryan Wolfe, the girlfriend and fiancée of late ice hockey star Adam Johnson, mourns his tragic death and delivers a heartfelt eulogy.

Who is Ryan Wolfe?

Ryan Wolfe, former NHL player Adam Johnson’s girlfriend and fiancée, has been thrown into the spotlight following Johnson’s tragic death on October 29. The pair, who were profoundly in love, had been engaged before the terrible incident during a game in England.

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Wolfe, standing tall with her sister Kylie, delivered a moving eulogy in Hibbing Memorial Arena in Minnesota. In her heartfelt words, she described Johnson as her “home, best friend, sounding board, rock, safe haven, and the love of my life.”

She talked about their future plans, disclosing Johnson’s ambitions of opening a farm or coffee shop and possibly being a stay-at-home father. Wolfe emphasized how lucky she was to be unconditionally loved by Johnson and how their bond went beyond traditional categories, emphasizing the intimate understanding and agreement they had.

Wolfe’s eulogy highlighted Johnson’s sense of humor, enormous heart, quick wit, and kindness, among other qualities. She thanked him for his constant support since the day they met, saying he made her “insanely happy.”

The sad accident happened during a game in England when Johnson’s neck was cut by an opponent player’s skate. Wolfe, visibly shaken, hurried onto the ice at Sheffield’s Utilita Arena while paramedics administered emergency medical care to Johnson.

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Wolfe’s public shows of grief on social media, including a touching remark accompanying a photo of Johnson, have touched many people who have followed their journey. As she mourns the loss of her beloved fiancé, Wolfe’s heartfelt eulogy pays respect to the tremendous love and connection they experienced before Johnson’s tragic death.