Former Dallas Cowboys star and TV personality Michale Irwin has been taken out of the NFL’s Network’s Super Bowl coverage next week. The news came to Irwin as a shock as he was completely unaware of any such developments and never expected such an action.

Irwin conducted interviews for the network on the Super Bowl’s opening night on Monday. He was supposed to be reappearing on more such coverages in the coming weeks. However, he will no longer be on the panel for this week’s coverage. It has not been confirmed whether he will make regular appearances in other scheduled programs on ESPN this week.

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Why was Michael Irwin removed from the coverage?

The reasons behind Irwin’s removal have not been cited but the timing of this development, following Irwin’s encounter with a certain woman is coming under question. Irwin told Dallas Morning News that he encountered this woman at a hotel in Glendale. According to Irwin, they spoke with the woman for roughly 45 seconds in the lobby. As per his statements, there was no indication of any physical interaction.

Irwin said he was there in Glendale for the weekend’s Super Bowl LVII. He had returned to the property after a night out in the town when he met the woman in the lobby. Later, the woman reportedly launched a complaint against Irwin’s actions. The details regarding the reports have not been released. However, it is clear that the controversy has some hands in Irwin’s removal from this week’s coverage.

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Irwin added that he was “perplexed” by the incident entirely. He merely talked to the girl for 45 seconds and shook her hands before leaving. He said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what this is, and it’s running me crazy.”