The start of the 2023 MLB season is still a few months away, but YouTube TV members who depend on the MLB Network will now be required to begin looking for another service. This afternoon, YouTube TV informed its customers via email that it was unable to renew its contract with the MLB Network and that the baseball station would no longer be viewable.

Google reportedly wants to sign a new agreement but isn’t ready to shell out what MLB Network is asking for right now. Nevertheless, MLB Network is accessible via Sling TV, FuboTV, and Hulu.

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Why will YouTube TV lose MLB Network?

YouTube TV writes in an email to subscribers that after working hard to negotiate and come to an understanding to renew their contract with MLB Network, they were not able to do so.

As from January 31, MLB Network content will no longer be available on the YouTube streaming platform. You will also no longer have access to any earlier Library clips you might have because the channel is closing.

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The email from YouTube TV reads:

“We have been working hard to renew our deal with the MLB Network to continue carrying their content on YouTube TV. However, we have been unable to reach an agreement and starting today, January 31, 2023, MLB Network content will no longer be available on YouTube TV. You will also lose access to any previous Library recordings from this channel. Members will be able to continue watching select national MLB games via coverage on FOX, ESPN, and TBS through our Base Plan. We also provide the flexibility to pause or cancel your membership at anytime.”

“As always, thank you for being a YouTube TV member, and for your patience and understanding,” the email for the team concluded.

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However, things might not be over yet. There are ongoing discussions regarding carrying MLB Network, and YouTube TV has made it plain that this may happen in the future.