Powerade, a well-known sports beverage, has partnered with Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies star will be the face of a new marketing campaign for the beverage being launched by The Coca-Cola Company.

This comes just as Morant displayed a gun in a recent Instagram live, and it is quite likely that he brought it on a team plane. Morant could face a full season of suspension if he is proven guilty of bringing a gun on a team plane. He might also skip half of the 2023–24 season due to his suspension.

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Given that Morant is one of the most famous athletes, the decision to select him was obvious. The firm could have made a mistake, though, given all the controversy the player has been involved in.

Morant was charged with assaulting a juvenile boy, and the altercation he had with the Indiana Pacers following the game did not help his defence. Despite this, he was able to secure a significant endorsement agreement that might continue for a few years.

Gatorade, a sports beverage produced by PepsiCo, is Powerade’s major rival and was developed 35 years ago. Gatorade has a history dating back over 60 years and currently has the lion’s share of the US market.

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Morant was chosen by The Coca-Cola Corporation to represent the company in a significant marketing initiative that attempts to topple its rivals. The two-time All-Star will take part in events, billboards, ads, and other forms of marketing.

Many basketball fans made fun of Ja Morant’s new endorsement agreement because of his recent troubles. One Twitter user brought up the earlier this year laser incident the 23-year-old guard was a part of.

Just before it was made public that the player had a gun in his possession while fighting with the 17-year-old boy, Powerade signed Morant to an endorsement agreement. According to reports, Morant pointed his pistol at the adolescent.

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Powerade has not yet provided any explanation for this choice or any upcoming ones. This report did not go over well with the sports drinks business. But a contract had already been signed with the reigning Rookie of the Year.

The first Powerade advertisement featuring the top player for the Memphis Grizzlies was already made public. It stars Morant and a youngster who portrays the agile point player in a younger age.

Given that Morant is accused of assaulting a young child, some social media users mocked the commercial.