Even billionaires don’t get weekly offs. Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, said at a business conference at the G20 summit in Bali that he was working “at the absolute most amount … from morning till night, seven days a week.”

He said this about the recent acquisition of Twitter and how he was juggling the same with leading his other company, Tesla

“I have too much work on my plate that is for sure,” Musk said by video link. Musk is the chief executive of both Tesla and Twitter at the moment. 

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He delivered his remarks from a place that was lit by candles. He appeared to be wearing a batik shirt which was sent by the organizers. It appeared as if he was speaking from a place that had just lost power.

Business analysts and investors have debated whether Tesla will suffer because of Musk’s involvement with Twitter, which is taking up most of his time right now. 

Both Tesla and SpaceX could potentially tie up with Indonesia as the country tries to secure a deal with the car manufacturer on battery investment and with the aerospace company to develop a rocket launch site.

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Musk made it clear during the interview on Monday that he had made no commitment to either of the projects but added that Indonesia had a large role to play in the electric vehicle supply chain. He also said that it would make sense “long term” for SpaceX to have multiple launch points around the globe.

Last week Musk made headlines when he suggested the possibility of the social media platform going bankrupt. Musk, in his first address to Twitter employees since acquiring the company for $44 billion, said that bankruptcy was a possibility if it doesn’t start generating more cash.

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Musk said employees should brace for 80-hour work weeks. He has been adamant about workers returning to the office, while Twitter previously allowed employees to work from home. He also told staff that the days of free food and other perks are over at Twitter’s offices.

Talking about Twitter’s finances and future, Musk said the company is required to work with urgency to make its $8 subscription product, Twitter Blue, something users will want to pay for, despite a pullback by advertisers who are worried about harmful content.