Former President Donald Trump is plotting his return to Twitter and Facebook, two platforms from where he was banned in the wake of the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

Although his account on Twitter was reinstated by new owner Elon Musk last year, he said at the time that he had no plans of tweeting as he was very happy on his own created social media platform, Truth Social. Also, his agreement with Truth Social restricts him from posting on other accounts, Mediaite reported in November.

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Trump “is generally obligated to make any social media post on TruthSocial and may not make the same post on another social media site for 6 hours. Thereafter, he is free to post on any site to which he has access.” He is also “may make a post from a personal account related to political messaging, political fundraising or get-out-the-vote efforts on any social media site at any time.”

However, according to a report by NBC News’ Marc Caputo and Jonathan Allen, Trump’s inner circle expects him back on Twitter soon.

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“Trump is probably coming back to Twitter. It’s just a question of how and when,” said a Republican who spoke on condition of anonymity. “He’s been talking about it for weeks, but Trump speaks for Trump, so it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll do or say or when.”

Another Trump confidant who did not wish to be identified said that Trump has invited inputs for weeks about how to get back on Twitter. His campaign advisers are also reportedly devising ideas for his first tweet.

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This led many on Twitter to claim that Trump’s Truth Social had failed. 

“BREAKING: According to NBC Trump is planning to come back on Twitter and has already begun crafting his first tweet. This means 2 things: 1) Truth Social is a FAILURE 2) We better warm our tweeting fingers up!” one of the Twitter users said, while another noted, “Truth Social is a ‘success’ in terms of Trump-standards. It lasted longer than both Trump Steaks and Trump Airlines combined. RIP (Rest in Poop) Truth Social.”

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Another said, “A year ago Truth Social stock was $92.00. Today it’s $16.00. On TS he has 3.9 million bot followers, on twitter he had over 70 million in Russian bot followers. Yes. Truth Social is a big failure like all of Trump business. Whatever he touches dies.”

One more noted, “LOL… If Trump does go back to Twitter, that basically is an admission that Truth Social is a colossal failure”