At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021 on Monday, technology giant Apple announced that the iPad users will be treated to a host of new updates — including the new Translate and Splitview features.

Meanwhile, Swift Playgrounds, an educational tool and development environment developed by Apple, also received major updates allowing users to add more ideas to their code more quickly.

Added to the iPad, Translate, which is already present on the iPhone, will allow users to write in different languages or switch between languages on the go.  

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Another feature to make its way into the iPad Operating System is the Quick Note. Users can now add text, links to their quick notes. It is sort of like a floating windows, which is visible even if you open other apps. Swipe down and the quick note will be gone.

Additionally, you can swipe up with the Pencil, and do some little note and off you go. Meanwhile, if you open Safari, and open a Quick Note, you’ll also be able to add a link to the website straight away into said Note.

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Apple has targeted increasing the ability to multitask on the iPad and the new Splitview feature will let users see two apps next to each other on the iPad screen. A Shelf feature will let users quickly switch between multiple apps quickly.

Few more simplistic features — such as the ability to add more widgets to the Home screen, the addition of App Library — will also grace the iPad OS.