A woman who used to work at Apple has been fired for posting antisemitic content on TikTok and Instagram. The woman has been identified as Ariana Del Rosario.

She was severely criticized on social media for her stand and was fired by Apple weeks after the public complaints.

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Who is Ariana Del Rosario?

Ariana Del Rosario was an employee at Apple. She was working as an AIML data ops. Several X users slammed her on the platform.

One user wrote, “Her words are insensitive and cruel!  I love @Apple products – but she also diminishes the brand!”

“I’m very surprised at Apple.  I didn’t think they had morals.  It always surprises me when a company shows morals.  I never expect it anymore unless it’s a conservative company.” another user wrote.

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One X user tweeted, “That’s unfortunate to hear about Ariana Del Rosario’s behavior. It’s important for companies to take appropriate action against any form of hate speech or discrimination. Let’s hope for a more inclusive and respectful environment for everyone. 🌟✨ #Inclusion #Respect”

Almost 10,000 lives have been tragically lost as a result of the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Gaza. Consequently, Israel is under increasing pressure to ease its limitations on Gaza. Rosario’s strong sentiments on the subject have prompted a broader conversation about the propriety of different types of protest in times of international unrest.

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Antisemitic events have increased as a result of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, affecting Jewish communities across the globe. Co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism Heidi Beirich is aware of the pattern of an increase in hate crimes amid Middle Eastern conflicts. Renowned extremism expert Brian Levin claims that this recent spate of violence is the biggest attack on the Jewish community since the Holocaust.