C-Knight, a member of the iconic hip-hop group The Dove Shack, has passed away at the age of 52 after a battle with health issues.

C-Knight, whose true name was Arnez Blount, died at the age of 52, leaving the music world in sadness. After a protracted hospitalization, mostly due to a stroke, the Dove Shack rapper’s life support was turned off. His health problems began in mid-October when he was brought to the hospital due to excessively high blood sugar levels, a complication of his diabetes.

C-Knight received dialysis while in the hospital, however it was during this therapy that he suffered a stroke and went into cardiac arrest. Despite the fact that medics were able to resuscitate him and put him on life support, his condition remained unresponsive, with no signs of recovery noted by medical personnel.

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The family awaited the results of an essential MRI in the hopes of discovering any significant brain activity, remaining optimistic during the wait.

C-Knight was a member of The Dove Shack, a band that was influential in the West Coast G-Funk music genre of the 1990s. The Dove Shack recorded major singles alongside prominent musicians such as Warren G and Snoop Dogg, including Summertime in the LBC, This Is The Shack, and Smoke Out.

The news of C-Knight’s death was welcomed by an emotional note from Bo Roc, another Dove Shack member, who acknowledged the tremendous effect of this loss. The whole music business mourns the passing of a gifted performer who made an everlasting imprint on the industry.

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C-Knight’s legacy in hip hop and G-Funk music will go on, and his memory will be carried on through his contributions to the genre.