or the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), now requires power consumers to link
their Aadhaar to their electricity service connection number. This, after a
state government mandate to link Aadhaar to the number in order to obtain power
subsidy. The process to link Aadhaar to electricity connection numbers began
last week, but many consumers are having trouble linking their Aadhaar with
their electricity connection numbers.

how to link your Aadhaar to Tangedco or TNEB electricity connection number:

1.       Go to: https://nsc.tnebltd.gov.in/adharupload/

2.       In the form, enter TANGEDCO Service
Connection Number

3.       The site will show your registered
mobile number

4.       Confirm and generate one-time
password (OTP)

5.       Enter OTP and verify TANGEDCO

6.       Enter name as mentioned in Aadhaar

7.       Upload Aadhaar ID

8.       Submit the form and save
acknowledgement receipt

How to
check Tangedco-Aadhaar link status

Upon submitting
the form, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.
Details will then be verified and subsequently another SMS will be sent
announcing whether the Aadhar linking has been successful or not.

One can
also go to the TANGEDCO login page and check Aadhaar linking status.

If one uses
the same process as above to try linking Aadhaar and TNEB again, one will be
notified if their Aadhaar linking has been successful or not.

with TANGEDO-Aadhaar linking

In Tamil
Nadu, many people are having trouble linking TANGEDCO to their Aadhaar, news
reports suggest. K Sudhakaran, a Perambur resident, told a local news network: “As
my pay date was November 24, I tried to pay the bill on November 22 when it
directed me to the Aadhaar linking page instead of accepting my payment.”

consumers also received a message stating that their Aadhaar linking had
failed. “Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please try again after some time,”
a message read.

officials said linking Aadhaar to electricity consumer accounts is not a
difficult process. “The online Aadhaar linking process will be completed only
after section officers approve it in our system upon verification. If they linked
the Aadhaar through the counter, it will be linked instantly.”

On the
question of glitches, authorities said they were addressing them one at a time.