In the first installment of a three-year special investigation, Byline Times has revealed that Dan Wootton, GB News presenter and MailOnline columnist, concealed himself behind false internet identities to mislead and pay a large number of individuals into disclosing incriminating sexual data.

The 40-year-old broadcaster and self-described “voice against woke” culture, whose program Dan Wootton Tonight is the biggest ratings winner on the fourth-most viewed news channel in the UK, has for at least 10 years attacked journalists as well as their friends, family, and the general public.

Wootton, a gay man, pretended to be a showbiz agent named “Martin Branning” between June 2008 and June 2018, offering sums of up to £30,000 “tax free” to his clients, many of whom were heterosexual men.

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A very senior News UK executive, at least six other Sun employees, including one with close ties to News UK CEO Rebekah Brooks, Facebook associates, and users of the dating apps Grindr and Gaydar are among them.

With cops being aware of Branning’s activities since 2019, two of the targets filed criminal charges with Scotland Yard without knowing the true identity of their tormentor. Branning is a portmanteau of the characters Martin Fowler and Max Branning from EastEnders.

Who is Dan Wootton?

Dan Wootton started his career in journalism at a young age, working for various British newspapers and magazines. He gained prominence as a showbiz reporter and columnist, covering celebrity news, entertainment events, and interviewing high-profile figures in the entertainment industry.

Wootton worked for The Sun newspaper for over a decade, serving as the Showbiz Editor and later as the Executive Editor. During his time at The Sun, he wrote exclusive stories, conducted interviews, and provided analysis on various entertainment topics.

In addition to his work in print journalism, Dan Wootton has expanded his career into broadcast media. He joined talkRADIO, a national radio station in the United Kingdom, where he hosted a weekday evening show called “Dan Wootton Tonight.” The show covered current events, entertainment news, and featured interviews with celebrities and newsmakers.

Dan Wootton has also made several television appearances as an entertainment commentator and presenter. He has been a guest on various TV shows, including morning talk shows and entertainment news programs, where he shares his insights and analysis on celebrity news and trending topics.

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Wootton has gained popularity and a significant following for his coverage of celebrity news and entertainment industry happenings. However, his work has not been without controversies. He has faced criticism and backlash from certain individuals and groups over his reporting style and some of the stories he has covered.