Tesla makes it into the news once again after German automobile regulators recalled the carmakers’ models Y and 3 because of a technical issue in the cars’ emergency systems, Bloomberg reported.

While the Federal Motor Transport Authority only has the authority to order recalls in Germany, according to the regulator’s website, more than 59,000 Teslas around the world could be recalled. 

The glitch was found in the cars’ emergency system. In the United States, it automatically dials 911, the emergency line. For other countries, it dials the relevant emergency contact. German owners of the two models were asked to call the manufacturer or head down to a Tesla-authorized repair shop to get an update for their software. 

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The German regulators issued the notice last week, which was reported by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, a public broadcaster, on Saturday, July 2, 2022. The cars were all produced this year, including the recalled Model Y cars, which were built at the new Tesla factory near Berlin, according to RBB.

Both Model Y and Model 3 cars are built at the company’s plant in Fremont, California and near Shanghai. The carmaker’s quarterly production and delivery figures were expected to be out. The numbers are expected to break the streak of records that it had built over multiple quarters, though they can be justified by Shanghai’s extended COVID-19 lockdown which protracted logistical challenges at the factory near the city. 

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Investors and shareholders are unlikely to take kindly to this. Not only has the company been embroiled in numerous lawsuits over wrongful termination and racial bias, Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer at Tesla, said that their new plants in Germany and Texas are chewing through “billions of dollars” as the company tried to scale up their production. 

Last week, the company laid off 200 of its hourly workers at a plant in California, the move came as a surprise to some as previously Musk had suggested that while the company would be making cuts to prep for a beleaguered economy, they would be from salaried positions.