Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk says his doesn’t need a press office. Like US former Donald Trump, he uses Twitter rather than press releases to communicate. According to a yet-to-be released book about the Tesla CEO, in 2016, Musk reached out to Apple’s Tim Cook, when Tesla was in trouble. 

According to BBC, Elon Musk said after the deal, he be made CEO of Apple. Tim Cook told him where to go.

BBC asked Elon Musk on Twitter whether this was true. Elon Musk responded and wrote that he never met Cook, adding that he once requested to meet with Cook. He wanted to talk about about Apple buying Tesla but there were no conditions. 

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In a follow up tweet, he revealed, he don’t want to be CEO of anything.

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Last month, he told a court that he hates being a CEO and would much prefer to spend his time on design and engineering.

Musk started Tesla in 2003 and it is by far the most valuable car company in the world. He is also the CEO of Space X, an American aerospace manufacturer. Space X was awarded a contract by NASA to put people onto the moon in April.

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In 2016, Musk started The Boring Company to revolutionise travel through advances in tunnelling technology. 

According to BBC, Musk, who is the second richest person on the planet, doesn’t feel he has the freedom to do what he wants.