OpenAI announced the firing of its CEO, Sam Altman, citing concerns about consistent communication issues hindering the board’s responsibilities. Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati steps in as interim CEO, and a search for a permanent successor is underway.

A Glimpse into Sam Altman’s Personal Life

Beyond the corridors of OpenAI, Sam Altman’s personal life takes center stage, with plans for fatherhood alongside his boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin, an Australian programmer. Altman, the driving force behind the innovative conversational AI chatbot, ChatGPT, shared his aspirations for a family in a recent profile with New York Magazine.

Altman and Mulherin, known affectionately as Ollie, keep their relationship relatively private. They share a residence on Russian Hill in San Francisco during the work week, and on weekends, they retreat to a remodeled house on a private ranch in Napa, California, where Altman tends to cows, aligning with his vegetarian lifestyle.

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Who is Oliver Mulherin?

Oliver Mulherin, a software engineer with a background in computing and software systems from the University of Melbourne, has been an integral part of Altman’s life. Their relationship blossomed, and Altman introduced Mulherin as his companion at a White House dinner in June.

Mulherin’s professional journey includes roles as a Software Engineer at Meta, Broadwing, SPARK Neuro, and the IOTA Foundation, where he worked on AI projects related to language detection and games. Mulherin’s interest in AI aligns with Altman’s impactful work at OpenAI.

Mulherin’s career path is marked by diverse experiences, from serving as a Software Engineer at Meta in Menlo Park, California, to contributing as a Software Developer at the IOTA Foundation in Melbourne, Australia. His roles at Broadwing and SPARK Neuro further showcase his expertise in the software engineering domain.

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As of his LinkedIn profile, Mulherin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne, where he studied from 2014 to 2016.