Vice President Harris made a significant AI-related announcement with the release of a White House Executive Order to underscore the comprehensive domestic actions being taken by the Biden administration. These actions encompass the introduction of binding regulations aimed at the most advanced AI technologies, a domain where American companies hold a prominent position.

In stark contrast, the UK, despite hosting a high-profile summit that achieved diplomatic breakthroughs, including the signing of the Bletchley Declaration by major nations, is lagging behind the likes of the EU, Canada, and now the US in the development of concrete AI regulations.

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In her address, Vice President Harris placed emphasis on addressing the “full spectrum” of AI risks, encompassing existing challenges such as bias and discrimination. This served as a gentle reprimand to the UK’s summit, which primarily centered around hypothetical existential risks.

During her speech, perceptive observers noted subtle divergences in the approaches taken by the two countries.

Vice President Harris is known for her proactive approach, advocating for substantial announcements during her official visits. She played a pivotal role in ensuring that the administration had substantial news to convey, including the issuance of the executive order.

The UK contested assertions that the summit did not adequately address near-term risks and stressed that companies are currently training AI models with the potential for near-term implications.

While the US and the UK maintain a strong alliance, Vice President Harris underscored the necessity for international cooperation on specific AI issues.

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Chancellor Sunak countered claims that the US had stolen the summit’s spotlight with its executive order, instead expressing his satisfaction with the substantial AI-related announcements made by the US.

The US also unveiled plans to establish a US AI Safety Institute, a development first reported by POLITICO, which will collaborate with Chancellor Sunak’s own institute in the shared goal of preventing AI-related disasters. However, questions loom about the nature of their collaboration, particularly considering the US’s vested national security interests in the AI sector.